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About us ... and what we do ...

Welcome to where we SPECIALIZE in antique and vintage Mah Jong games.

Before going too much further please be aware this web site is a passion not a commerical business. Time available to enhance the site content and answering your Mah Jong questions has to be fitted around the everyday demands of life (and a day job) and we can't always find as many hours in the week as we would like to do this.

So please be patient if you are needing help - we love hearing from you and will reply as soon as possible. Having said that, if you think too many days have elapsed and you have not had a reply please feel free to e-mail to check on us - sometimes your e-mails disappear off into cyberspace and never reach us. Hopefully, this is a rare occurence (but it does happen).

Having said all that what are we here for?

Well, we are here to assist if you are looking to purchase an antique or vintage Mahjong game. The games for sale on this site are from our personal antique and vintage mahjong collection. We sell antique and vintage Bakelite Mah Jong games, antique and vintage bone & bamboo Mahjong games and various other antique and vintage Mah jongg games and accessories such as racks, bettors, tokens, token banks and dice. We have just added our NEW joker stickers section and will be adding NMJL cards and other accessories shortly.

Or perhaps you have a vintage mahjong game that you would like to learn more about or might wish to sell. Just e-mail us at and tell us about your game - we'd be delighted to help. Do send pictures - they are needed for a proper identification/valuation. Don't forget we also purchase vintage games for our collection regularly and try to offer fair prices. Or we may know of someone looking to purchase exactly what you are selling. Try us !

In addition we have our custom personalized "cheat sheets". Have you ever asked yourself any (or all) of these questions:

If you have (or are just curious) check out our "cheat sheets" - they really do help !

Or perhaps you would like to view our personal antique and vintage mahjong museum showing off our antique and vintage Mah-jong collection. These vintage mahjong games have been lovingly collected over many years - it is a pleasure to share them with you.

This web site is dedicated to everything you want to know about Mah Jong, the history of the game, Mah Jong tile restoration, carving, finding orphan Mah Jong tiles, matching Mah Jong tiles, Mah Jong stickers, types of plastics used in Mah Jong and links to other exciting Mah Jong sites.

And of course don't forget we have fantastic vintage Mah Jong games for sale. These games are made of various materials including bakelite, catalin, bone and bamboo, stone, many other types of materials and mahjong accessories. We are also excited at the opportunity to share pictures of our personal antique and vintage Mah Jong Museum collection with you.

Now what about us.

Well us is actually just me ... I am a Mah Jong player, playing Chinese rules Mah Jong. I learnt as a child in the late 60's. I have run a Mah Jong group teaching others to play since 2001.

I started collecting Mah Jong games sort of by accident in 2002. My father and I were chatting about the game we used to play with in the 60's (which my father still owns by the way) and wondering if there were others online that we could look at.

So the pair of us sat at the computer and headed to E-Bay to take a look. As you can imagine we were overwhelmed by the number of games that popped up when we did our first search. But staring at us on page one was a lovely little Milton Bradley game. It looked to be in good condition and didn't seem to be too expensive. We smiled at each other and decided to bid. The auction was due to end that evening and we both mentally noted the end time and were back at the computer to watch the auction end together.

We had no doubt in our mind that this was going to be "our" new game. The seconds ticked by and we watched the price increase. Then the auction was finished ... by sheer luck we were the highest bidders ... the rest as they say is history.

I collect both Bakelite, Bone & Bamboo and when I am lucky enough to find them real ivory Mah Jong games plus a smattering of stone, card and other types of games.

I am currently re-organizing my collection and selling off any duplicates I may have and taking the opportunity to finally catalogue all my wonderful treasures.

So do keep stopping by ... you never know what you might come across.

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