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are sold "as is" due to their age
and use please check their condition
in the photos carefully and feel
free to ask questions before
purchasing as no returns
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What others think of us ...

It is such a pleasure to know that so many of my Mah Jong treasures have found great new homes.

Here are some of your comments regarding the adoption process ...

My joker stickers just arrived They are beautiful vivid colors, good quality, paper perfect size, and they are the perfect compliment to my vintage Cardinal set.
Thank you. SL

My game arrived safely, and I love love love it. It's so cool. I haven't had a chance to show it off and play with it yet as my MJ girls haven't been in town lately. But I will eventually and brag and win and cheese everyone off. lol.

After I ordered the set, I was feeling like whoa, why did I spend so much money on a game?!! When I need new windows, new carpet, etc etc. But it arrived and I didn't care anymore. I just can't wait to play with it. So thanks for selling it to me. CA

I unpacked the beautiful set and can't wait to play with it. Thank you again for all your attention and quick shipment. The tiles were beautifully packed and everything arrived in tip-top shape. It is exactly what I was looking for. BS

Thank you ever so much. Stepping up to help a total stranger because of a romantic notion is enough to restore one's faith in human kindness!

You are a peach. SS

My friend received the set today. She is, as expected, thrilled! It was exactly what she wanted. Thank you very much. I won't hesitate to recommend your website to anyone interested in vintage mahjong sets. I'm sure a few of her friends are going to want to know where it came from. I appreciate your services. Thanks again! CA

Two parcels just arrived. It was better than Christmas morning. Everything arrived safely and intact. It must have taken you quite a while to pack all that up. Thank you for the extra effort.

There are just no words to describe that swirled Bakelite set. Stunning, Gorgeous, Delicious (the tiles look like candy), Beautiful, Fabulous, Outstanding. I am truly thrilled with the set. The dice (luv 'em) you added along with the bettor are just stellar! The case of course, is in remarkable condition. The banks and coins, by the way, are just superb! Thank you, thank you. GG

Living in a foreign country, most of my personal business is conducted online and more often than not, there's some kind of screw up somewhere down the line. Therefore, I was not only pleasantly surprised by your timeliness and professionalism when handling my special needs, but also truly grateful that it went off without a problem. What's more, I felt much more comfortable dealing with you directly than going through the faceless eBay auction process. Never mind the remarkable fact that you literally found me.

You have an impressive collection of merchandise and I'm looking forward to the new website. Thank you so much again. CA

My set arrived and I am very happy with it, thank you so much! CR

Thank you SO much, the game was delivered to us yesterday and I waited for D to get home before opening the parcel. We love it! Really pleased with the tiles, they look so beautiful. Cheat sheets are brilliant and will be a godsend to me! EG

Your website is great and I have finally matched up the - "Met Perching Pheasant # 120" displayed set to the one I already own. I seem to have the entire set.... RL

I received my set yesterday. I love it, it is perfect. BD

I received the beautiful mah Jong set today. It's so amazing. I can't thank you enough. I will be buying from you again in the future and telling my friends about your site. Thanks again! CKK

I just wanted to thank you again for those beautiful sets you provided to us. J is playing 2-3 times per week and really loving it. She adores her sets and they are used frequently and admired by her friends. DR

Just a quick note to let you know that the Mah Jong set arrived
safely and in perfect condition. I am extremely happy to be able to
add a nice pillow set with a bamboo shoot for the 1 bam tile. I have
your site bookmarked and will check it often. HG

The game came in this afternoon. Beautiful!

I will give it to her tonight for early Christmas...her Mahj group has their Christmas party tomorrow and I want her to show it off!

Nice doing business with you. TP

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