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  ES LOWE - worn but lovable    
Ref #335      
Tiles: 152        
Racks: 5        
Flowers: 10        
Natural Jokers: 6   Other ES LOWE games for sale  
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I have been adopted and now have a lovely new home!

This game is lovingly referred to as a "crane" style game and the style of one bamboo that is most associated with this manufacturer.

Notice that the worker tiles represent Chinese occupations: the fisherman, wood cutter, farmer, & scholar. This game has the complex style character tiles and is likely to be from the late 1940's - it also has the Baron style flowers a style that ES Lowe changed to from traditional flower tiles.

This game has 10 original flowers, 2 sets of fully sequenced bouquets numbered 1-5 with an additional 6 stickered joker tiles. These additional tiles have been added from an incomplete ES Lowe game.

The case is in sturdy condition with its original Bakelite handle. Check out the lovely red quilted lining in the lid. It has wear from use over the years and one corner is more scuffed than the others. But don't be put off, it is still perfectly strong and functional to carry around your tiles safely. The wood racks are original to the game and have metal tile stops. All the flippies are fully working and there are 5 matching racks (not 4).

This game comes from the WBL (worn but lovable) section of my collection. The tiles have aged differently and there is a small amount of paint loss - I am guessing this was a well loved and often played with game. I strive not to break up complete games and hope someone will be able to find this a great new home!

No matter the style of game you play (Chinese or NMJL) this game is ready for play right out of the box !

REMEMBER: Despite my age I have many more years of life left in me ... I may be a little more worn than some games on this website but I know someone will still find me lovable :)