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Ref #321      
Tiles: 148        
Flowers: 8        
Directionals: 4      
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I have been adopted and now have a new home.


I have decided to put these lovely vintage STONE game up for adoption. It is complete as it was originally produced, very old and worn around the edges but quite quite spectacular.

The tiles are made of a substance that is a form of natural stone. The fronts of the tiles have a thin layer of paper design that is then lacquered over to seal it on top of the stone surface. The backs of the tiles are a grey/black stone.

This game is probably from the late 1930's - it has the simple style character tiles but it does have numerals on the character tiles - it was therefore designed to be distributed to the English speaking public - a traditional Chinese set would not have numerals on it.

I simply love the design of the one bamboo and winds & dragon tiles. They are so different than any other game I have seen. And check out the NSEW directional tiles for placing on each players wall. These four tiles are a terracotta color stone so they stand out from the rest of the tiles and can be spotted if they are accidentally mixed in with the playing tiles. The information on these tiles appears in the bottom right hand corner of the instruction sheet.

Remarkably, the game is still in its original wooden box. The box has a sliding lid and on the inside of the lid is a set of game instructions and playing description. Notice the great graphics on the box and instructions - considering their age they are in remarkably legible condition.

This game comes from Europe, actually from central London, England. The UK sole distributor's details are on the front of the box - they were located in EC2 - EC2 is now the heart of the City and includes the publishing area "Fleet Street".

Perhaps this game is not for everyday play - but for anyone wanting something unusual, old and distinct, this might be just the ticket!