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Ref #93      
Tiles: 148        
Racks: 4        
Flowers: 8        
Jokers: 4 Other ROYAL DEPTH CONTROL games for sale
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RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93 RDC #93


I have been adopted and now have a new home.

Royal Depth Control (not to be confused with Royal or Royal Crisloid) was a brand name for the games manufactured by A & L Manufacturing based in Brooklyn, New York.

There are two distinct styles of one bamboo the style found in this game and a form of perching pheasant tile reminiscent of the 10 Flowers style one bamboo.

This game is a little newer than some I own. Probably from the late 1950's. It comes with 4 natural jokers and 8 natural flowers, 2 bouquets numbered 1-4.

The case is original with the manufacturer's label intact inside. The handle is a white plastic. There is a working plastic bettor. There are 5 racks with this game. They are swirled Bakelite and are orange, turquoise, medium green, lemon and butterscotch. The Bakelite E's on all the racks are a matching butterscotch.

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